Screenplay Reviews
Screenplay Reviews

The Secret Lives of Mermaids & Dolphins

I just finished the beautiful script for Randy Lacey’s movie and it is breath taking. The education about
the ocean and the need to conserve our oceans and earth interwoven with a love story is not only
educational, but entertaining as well. I think it will make a great movie that will change the way
humanity thinks of the oceans earth and mermaids. It has enough action to keep your attention riveted.
Enough of a love story to make it very touching and lots of ocean conservation interwoven, yet does not
preach. Good Job Randy and extra stars to the script writer. 


-Cyndie Lepori, Ocean activist and writer-

The screenplay was very educational, entertaining, inspirational and enlightening.

The film will bring global attention to the problems of pollution, the slaughter of Whales, Dolphins and other Sea Life which is illegal and unnecessary.

Putting this subject in movie form will bring it more attention than any documentary on television. I really loved the romance between the Mermaids and Humans.

The story line from the very beginning captured my imagination, peaked my curiosity and educated me in the horrors on what

is really going on in our Oceans and Seas.

This film will show that people will care enough to bring to our attention the changes that need to be made to clean up our Oceans and to stop polluting on an individual basis and to hold accountable the countries that are violating the law regarding the slaughter of, Dolphins, Whales and Sharks.

Your screenplay confirms my belief in, Mermaids 🙂 I congratulate you, Randy and your screenwriter for your your heart felt work. It was a privilege and an honor to read it my friend. Thank you very much. God bless our Sea life.


-Ty Copeman-