Movie Focus

We have spent a lot of time and effort to bring together a team of over 400 Souls, More coming each day, that truly care about our mission to entertain and bring about a positive change that will in fact inspire global audiences to help protect our planet, oceans and all marine life.

On Board Helping

Emmy Award Winners, Entertainment, Oceanic, Environmental, Scuba, Free Diving, Mermaid Professionals and more. To inspire global audiences we must show the negatives and then quickly switch the story to the wonderful things that happen when people who care get together and help bring about a positive change to make a difference.Our professional mermaids are ocean activists. Most of the population of our planet knows about mermaids.

Our mermaids will be dressed in tails and tops that look realistic, More like what we would expect if there were real mermaids. Fish Like with no fancy colors so that the story stays far away from being a fantasy film. There shall be scenes in the film that will show certain aspects of the killing and caging of dolphins, whales and sharks, This includes shark fining. We shall explain why it is not a good thing to do to buy tickets to see any caged dolphins or whales in tanks.We will mention the areas in our world where the horrific killings and abductions are being done.

These scenes will be graphic and factual, These scenes are not meant to bring tears, But these scenes are to make the audiences see and feel the truth, With a positive ending. Our film will bring out the human emotion of caring for others to bring our messages to all viewers so that they themselves will make the right decision to help protect and save lives. We shall have scenes in this movie where mermaids including children and people will help oceanic professionals free dolphins, whales and sharks from commercial netting-Ghost Nets. This scene will inspire viewers globally to be on the lookout for commercial netting and free any marine life they find caught, Also they shall report any commercial Netting and ghost nets to the authorities.

While filming the above scene we shall filming at the same time, 3 Schools, Elementary, Middle and High school students doing a oceans and beach cleanups to inspire other schools and people to help cleanup our oceans and beaches.Named actors will be filmed helping to clean up plastic pollution from our oceans while having a conversation about the plastic pollution problems globally. Scenes in this film will include reef protection and why our reefs are dying, bleaching and more. Film footage will show how humans are helping to grow new coral reefs and how to protect them all. We will show film footage to global audiences that our oceans are not filled with marine life so that they understand we are over fishing our oceans and will be left with no marine life at all.

Scenes will show how Climate Change-Global Warming is Real and how we can help stop the destruction of our planet and oceans.And the killing of all lifeforms.

Together we will bring about a positive change and leave behind a wonderful legacy that will inspire others for many generations to come.

Randy Lacey
The Secret Lives of Mermaids & Dolphins