I am very honored to have been chosen to be a part of the project which aims to inspire and change lives by creating a film that would entertain, educate, and expose things that most humans are not aware of. To promote marine life awareness and conservation. A film that would convince the unconvinced.

Odessa Bugarin​

I am so happy to be part of such a new and innovative method of bringing eyes to our oceans to help in such a much needed way! I am greatly looking forward to entertaining and inspiring people around the world with a story of mermaids to promote marine life and help us save our reefs and oceans!

Mariah Reynolds

I was born and raised in Charleston South Carolina. I always had a love for mermaids and the sea since i was a little baby boy. My obsession with mermaids grew and grew the older i got. I would always be seen drawing them or binge watching mermaid videoa online. A year after graduating high school, i got my 1st fabric tail. In 2015 i met my mermaid godmother and moved to atl to do mermaid activities like help make tails and tops to performing aquatic shows at parties. Ive traveled all over the world with my tail and even had a tv episode of Tosh.O named after me. Also i just got blessed with a magazine cover! I hope to protect the sea and be a merm until im old and grey!

Eric Nova

I´m an international performing mermaid and actress, born in Munich, Germany. For some reason I always believed that I am a real mermaid, not just wearing a tail, but rather have the soul, the longing and the passion of this mythical creature. At all times I enjoyed the cheer and excitement in people´s eyes, great adventures, wonderful people, and most of all: sea life protection. I´m very happy about the invitation to join this special feature film project by movie creator Randy Lacey; it would be a good way to globally reach out to people, to educate and imbue them in an entertaining way about the oceans and marine life, and to make them care. Ahoy!

Daniela Rodler

I’m a mermaid that currently lives in the mountains of Western North Carolina. In this area I strive to entertain and mostly educate on ocean conservation issues and how to protect Marine life. These issues are not just for people that live close to the coast, it starts with every indivdual.  That is why I’m super excited to be apart of this film that will reach so many more people than I can in my region.  So with a sense of whimsy, lets open everyone eyes to what is happening beneath the waves.

Vindara Johnson

I am mermaid Shiina from Israel pod, and part of Israeli mermaid team.

 Being a mermaid is a dream come true for me. Since I was a little girl I was fascinated by mythological and magical creatures. Deep in my heart I knew they must be real. 
In 2016 I was involved in a major car accident, which forced me to cope with a severe case of fibromyalgia.
At this point, my life turned upside down . On my 35’th birthday I decided to give myself a present: “mermaiding workshop”. I was amazed how relaxed my body felt and how the pain dissipated. Being a mermaid has a whole new meaning for me, as I came to realize how swimming and diving can help heal both my body and soul. This helped me get my life back on track, simultaneously in various professional fields.
Today I am a mermaid, a costume and accessories designer, a make up artist, performer, a model, and I have a mermaiding workshop for kids, which combines ecological education, to raise awareness, educate and encourage them to save our planet and marine life, as well as ocean conservation. Such education includes reducing the usage of plastic and other disposable items that harm the environment. 
Recently, I joined  “Zalul Environmental Association”, an organization dedicated to operating marine reserves, and fighting against the drilling of “Leviathan gas fiel”.
I would like to thank you for choosing me to represent you in this important project. 
I feel privileged and proud to be a part of it, and look forward to it raising awareness worldwide.



Aviya Navon