Donation Page

This site is set up for advertisers, sponsors and donations only.

Investors shall fill out all legal documents prior to investing and will be going thru the investors page only.

All payments are for the sole purpose of of paying all bills related to the set up and future production of the movie-
 The Secret Lives of Mermaids and Dolphins.

These bills are as follows, Legal, Film Production- All aspects of a feature film production, Artwork  Securing / Signing on actors Home office bills and all bills related to set up for future film production.

Our profits are paid to us once this film is released and out to the theaters globally.Each Advertiser,Sponsor and those who donate shall be added to our website and in the credits of this film. Each shall receive a letter from the movie showing payment accepted for their records. 

Our mission with your help is to bring about a positive change in the minds of global audiences to help protect our planet, oceans and all marine life. Each one of you who are involved on this very important journey are helping save lives and this is yours and our legacy for many generations to come.

We are honored to have each one of you on board this very special mission to protect and save lives.
You are making a difference.

We hope to see you all here in the Philippines to be on set for filming. Some may be able to be on set in other filming locations. To be advised at a later date. We are in discussions regarding filming in part, California, Australia, Washington, Florida Keys. 

Payments are received by, Accounting- Kharen Lee Joy Elarmo Janubas 

Thank You Kindly for your help and support.

Randy Lacey, Creator / Executive Producer.